CREEPY! Ghost Hunter Captures ‘Black Monk’ Before POSSESSING Him!

There are many places on Earth with a lot of negative energy where many have become places filled with hauntings and frightening paranormal phenomena.

One of the most haunted places in Europe is the infamous house ’30 East Drive in Pontefract’, West Yorkshire.

The house was said to contain a demonic entity known as the poltergeist, which haunted the Pritchard family for years. The tormented soul is known as the “Black Monk of Pontefract”.

Recently a team of paranormal investigators came into the notorious haunted house to test out the ghostly atmosphere. Many have reported sighting the demonic black monk on many occasions. It is said that other spiritual entities reside in the house.

The team, where one of them is a psychic medium, were performing Seances and mirror scrying to summon any entity living in the house.

What they saw in the mirror has shocked the internet!

Some Activity Got Taped Paranormal Stuff

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