Gateway to Hell? Hundreds of Eerie “Witches’ Marks” Found in English Cave

The guards of a cave in England were amazed when they discovered that what they thought was graffiti was, in fact, hundreds of centuries-old markings intended to ward off evil spirits. The creepy cave is said to be part of the Creswell Crags limestone gorge in the county of Nottinghamshire. Until recently, local guides had suspected that the litany of symbols crawling on the walls of the cave was only the work of ne’er-do-wells who tried to leave their mark in the cave.

However, a couple of explorers who visited the site last year discovered something strange about the writing and indicated that it was apotropaic. These symbols and letters, colloquially known as “witch signs”, were used in the 17th and 18th centuries by people trying to ward off evil spirits. The suspicion of the cave dwellers was subsequently confirmed by experts who visited the site and were surprised by the sheer number of markings found there.

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