Terrifying CCTV Footage Shows A ‘Ghost Train’ Rolling Into A Station

A segment of CCTV footage which appears to show a ghost train coming into a station has set the internet on fire.

In the footage, captured at Baotou railway station in China shows a train arriving at the platform and halting as though to let passengers step on board before disappearing suddenly into the ether. The clip was uploaded to YouTube three months ago.

In the caption, the uploader said that their source said that they had worked at the railway station for twelve years but had never seen anything like this before. They also noted that the source found the experience wholly unnerving and felt that the train had moved into a parallel universe.

Source from: disclose.tv

Naturally, many people who have seen the clip have been highly skeptical that the footage does show a paranormal event. Some have said that the train in the footage may have been nothing more than a reflection of another train. Others have suggested that the tape could have ‘ghost footage’ on it caused by taping over another security recording taken in the past. It has also been suggested that the video may well be a complete hoax and that the ghost train was merely photoshopped onto footage of an empty train track.

Others have been of the opinion that this footage shows something extraordinary although these people are divided as to the cause of this bizarre event. While some have accepted the theory of an overlapping parallel universe offered by the witness, some have said that there may be some form of a time machine in the vicinity of the railway station ‘dimensionally grabbing part of the surrounding area.’ It has also been suggested that the event could have been caused by a spiritual entity manifesting itself as a train.

It has also been suggested that there could be a sinister reason for the train appearing and perhaps it could be part of a military experiment into cloaking large objects.

Of course, one commenter suggested that it could all be a lot less worrying than any of the other explanations. Perhaps the disappearing train is nothing more disturbing than the Hogwarts Express?

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