A Woman Is Suing Long Island Cemetery After She Was ‘Sucked’ Into Her Parent’s Grave

On December 19th, 2016, a woman went to visit her parents’ Long Island burial plot. However, she was in for quite the surprise. According to a lawsuit, when was visiting her parents, she got more than she bargained for as she sank hip deep into their grave. Now, she has decided to sue Long Island cemetery.

Joanne Cullen from North Bellmore, LI, was visiting her parents’ grave, as many people will often do. However, this time was a bit different to most. According to the court papers, as she bent down to fix a bow on a wreath by the headstone, a sinkhole spontaneously formed and suddenly began to swallow her up into the burial site.

Headstone Cemetery

The Lawsuit
Her lawyer, Joseph Perrin, has stated that the sinkhole caused her to fall forward and smash her head on the tombstone, cracking a tooth. Then after trying to “bounce back”, she started sinking into the ground even further but fortunately, she managed to grab the sides of the tombstone. The stunned woman attempted to cry out for help, but no one in the graveyard could hear her screams so her cries went unheard. The lawyer has described the event by saying that for anyone, getting sucked into your parents’ grave when you go to visit them on a cool December afternoon with the sun going down is terrifying and traumatizing. It is for that reason that the woman and her lawyer have decided to sue the cemetery.

The St. Charles Resurrection Cemetery administrators are the ones that are going be to terrified and traumatized after being hit by Cullen’s $5 million lawsuits in Queens Supreme Court. The 64-year-old says the shocking incident in the Farmingdale, LI graveyard has left her an emotional wreck. She went to visit the final resting place of her bookkeeper mother, Evelyn, and roofer father, John, hoping for a calm, peaceful afternoon that turned into a real-life horror show.

Source From : disclose.tv

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